Get Started

1. Go to your post/page editor

2. Upload your gpx file with media manager

3. Complete informations in form

You can customize : title, description, color and stroke width:

Insert into post/page

A shortcode is automacally inserted in your post/page. It looks like the following code:

[lfh-gpx src=http://url_to_my_file.gpx title="My travel in Massif Central" color=orange width=5 ]An exceptionnal trail trough ....[/lfh-gpx]

The shortcode [lfh-gpx] included the following informations as attributes:

  • src, url of the gpx file
  • title
  • color, the stroke color
  • width, the stroke width in pixels

Between the tag [lfh-gpx] and [/lfh-gpx] is placed the formatted description.

4. Complete formated description if you want.

You can add image, list … in the description if you want.

5. Save and visualize

click on the path to see profile and descriptions.


Click following button or element on the map to see information about it.
Lf Hiker | E.Pointal contributor

My travel in Massif Central   


50 100 150 200 5 10 15 Distance (km) Elevation (m)
No data elevation
Name: No data
Distance: No data
Minimum elevation: No data
Maximum elevation: No data
Elevation gain: No data
Elevation loss: No data
Duration: No data


A beautiful trail in Lozere