How change distance or altitude unit for one gpx

The units

There are 2 possible units for distance :

  • kilometer
  • milles

There are 2 possible units for altitude:

  • meter
  • foot

Global configuration

The distance and altitude units are configured globaly by administrator in tab :
Settings → Lf Hiker → Config Map

Change units for one path

But for each gpx path, you can set the distance unit by adding a unit attribute in the shortcode.

  • unit=km for kilometer
  • unit=mi for miles

you can set the altitude unit by adding a unit_h attribute in the shortcode.

  • unit_h=m for meter
  • unit_h=ft for foot


[lfh-gpx src= color=blue width=8 unit=mi unit_h=ft ][/lfh-gpx]

[lfh-gpx src= color=blue width=8 unit=km unit_h=ft][/lfh-gpx]

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