Lf Hiker is a wordpress plugin for quickly display your gpx tracks with their profile elevation on an interactive map.
Lf Hiker is reponsive and mobile friendly.

Main Utilisation

Simply upload your gpx file with the wordpress media manager, complete its informations and insert  it in your post/page (shortcode).
Display the post/page : you have an interactive view of your track.
The trail is displayed on an OSM map by default, and have its own information window with:

  • title
  • description
  • interactive profile elevation  according to path
  • distance of the track
  • minimum elevation
  • maximum elevation
  • elevation loss
  • elevation gain
  • duration
View of gpx tracks with profile elevation

Lf Hiker plugin easily display gpx track and their profile elevation.

List of Features

Lf Hiker allows displaying too:

  • few gpx files in the same map
  • markers on the map
  • few maps on the same post/page

For gpx track you can custom:

  • title
  • description
  • stroke color
  • stroke width
  • distance unit
  • altitude unit
  • step size on the elevation axis
  • display the download button

Lf Hiker included an helper for edit map and add markers.
You can choose

  • for the map :
    • the tiles layer ( among OSM, OSM_FR , stamen watercolor, arcgis world topo)
    • to display the fullscreen button
    • the map’s view  or let lf Hiker find automatically the best view
    • to display the reset button
    • to display the button “list of layers”
    • the size of the map
    • classnames for the map ( including your custom class)
    • to zoom on mousewheel
    • to start with profile elevation displayed
    • to display the description always under the map
  • for the markers
    • color of icon marker
    • symbol in the icon
    • title
    • popup
    • visibility according to zoom or not
    • independant window with large description

You can do all this with the helpers or directly using shortcodes
You can choose to unactive the helper.

Lf Hiker allows you to customize the css in admin configuration (colors of information window and selected path)
You can choose default units for profile elevation.


Supported languages

If you need language for Lf Hiker which is not included. You can easily translate with poedit from the file :

I will be happy to add  your translation to the plugin.
If you have any questions about the method, do not hesitate to Contact-me
If you find errors in my english translation do not hesitate to Contact-me.



  • Evolution: add empty marker
  • Evolution: add dutch language
  • Fixed: error twice class for label in profile svg


  • Evolution: Ability to always display the caption under the map
  • Evolution: Helper – Ability to add marker with its coordinates
  • Evolution: Add greek translation
  • Fixed: duration is not displayed
  • Fixed: choose center and zoom is not working


  • Fixed: lf hiker is destroying the AMP pages
  • Fixed: bug with tabby-responsive-tabs plugin
  • Evolution: gpx buttons are ordered in list as the gpx files in post/page
  • Evolution: Ability to choose the leaflet host


  • Fixed: trouble position of gpx dom block, marker block and list block
  • Fixed: trouble with map when tabs (map only on top left corner)
  • Evolution: Add open Topo Map tiles


  • Fixed: missing icons for way point


  • Evolution: Add black in color path
  • Evolution: Enable all hexadecimal color for path
  • Evolution: Little dots at ends for path with width less than 3p
  • Fixed: corrections in german translation


  • Fixed: no path displayed with mesmerize theme
  • Evolution: add tiles Stamen Terrain
  • Evolution: add german translation
  • Fixed: conflict with divi theme and option Grab the first post image
  • Fixed: function boolval do not exists (version php <5.5)


  • Ability to choose the default map tiles
  • Display minimum and maximum elevation under profile
  • Add parameter step_min for gpx profile elevation
  • Ability to choose the default step_min for elevation step in settings
  • Disable map pan with one finger
  • Fixed: path and marker button too high in little view


  • Evolution : Ability to start with profile elevation displayed
  • Evolution : Ability to manage (hide/show) button download gpx
  • Evolution : Add checkbox show/hide gpx path when more than 2 paths
  • Evolution: Ability to globally configure default settings:
    • display fullscreen button,
    • display download button,
    • number of paths from which to display a show / hide check box,
    • start with profile displayed
  • Fixed: trouble when some points without elevation value
  • Fixed: button list always displayed when parameter list is false
  • Fixed: move line on profile not visible on little scree
  • Fixed: duration not displayed when no elevation data


  • fixed : issue 2 maps when the first floating the second is in stucks
  • fixed : issue no icon on button


  • Fixed: map at the top (return previous version)


  • Fixed: issue with custom field ACF dit not do shortcode


  • Fixed : fullscreen button to false display button fullscreen


  • Evolution : Add helper for the events editor (plugins the event calendar & event manager )


  • fixed error on activation with PHP5.5


  • smooth profile when lot of points
  • profile with height difference minimum 40 meters
  • fixed: characters not center in buttons list and fullscreen
  • modify track name filter


  • fixed : too long title for gpx or marker
  • fixed : url gpx with special character trigger file not found error
  • disabled : map first center on Paris


  • fixed : https for tiles
  • fixed : gpx url for https


  • fixed : On small screens, for three buttons, the elements are not centered
  • fixed : Conflict with the bootstrap themes on hidden elements
  • fixed : list button too big


  • default value attribute visibility set to always for marker
  • update modules for gulp
  • add icons and create files only with used icons
  • fixed : color of the buttons is applied only to the first one on the large screens
  • fixed : added unwanted tag p arround shortcode
  • fixed : no event on button marker when only markers elements
  • fixed : helper, button add marker no event (same issue than previous)
  • fixed : title height issue with some theme
  • fixed : only four buttons visible on small sreens
  • fixed : mousewheel disabled on element window


  • Issue title h1, h2, h3 style overwrite by lf-hiker


  • Responsive
  • Mobile friendly
  • Add track duration
  • Deactived Mapquest and cache


  • issue map center on Paris when no title attribute in shortcode lfh-marker
  • issue no map or map center on Paris conflict with AccessPress Instagram Feed


  • Add foot for elevation unit
  • issue for popup when click for a marker from list of elements


  • Add picture for about page in back office
  • Add miles distance unit for profile elevation
  • issue when shortcode [lfh-map ] without attributes


  • issue when no mapquest key.
  • loading asynchrone js and default intialisation for the helper
  • readme file


first stable version