Lf Hiker settings

Administrator can access to Lf Hiker settings page by tab Settings → Lf Hiker

Custom colors

Result for the previous setting

In the tab “Custom css”, you can modify:

  • the title background color,
  • the font color of the titles,
  • the color of the buttons in the list of layers
  • the color for the selected path
  • to always display the informations and profiles under the map


Buttons displayed, units

In this tab, you can choose, to globaly config some parameters:

  • to display download button for the gpx file: true (by default)
  • to start with the profile elevation displayed: false (by default)
  • number of gpx on a map from which to display a show/hide checkbox
  • to display the fullscreen button
  • to choose the default map tiles
  • the distance unit for the gpx : kilometer (by default) or mille
  • the altitude unit : meter (default) or foot
  • to choose the minimum step (in meter) on the elevation axis for profile elevation

Step of 50 meters on profile elevation

Most of this values are default values. You can always edit them in the shortcodes:

Leaflet host

You can choose Leaflet host in tab General.

  • If you choose to use cdn host, the leaflet scripts come from cdn “cloudflare”
  • Else the Leaflet scripts used are included with lf-hiker in lf-hiker/lib/leaflet
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